Permanent? social changes in society since 2020, prepared already years ago.

Quite amazing, how the New World Order plans already were revealed more than 50 years ago. After a dinner of medical professionals, there was a speaker Dr. Day, who apparently was an insider and he revealed all sorts of things that seemed so unreal at the time, that little attention was paid to them.

New World Order - plans revealed, already in 1969

Comments re.the 'overpopulation' and how to solve it:
  •      abortion - killing babies in the womb,
  •      "demise pill" (Drion pill) "completed life" - euthanasia,
  •      do not use cancer medicine,
  •      AIDS and other man-made diseases.
  •      promoting and promoting homosexuality

Furthermore, all kinds of things that are clearly happening in our time, such as:

     - promoting sexual activity among young people
     - challenging little concealing clothing
     - treat evolution as 'science'
     - music and media
     - history of forgery

Especially focus on the new generation. The older people will not change and will die anyway.
All these things and more - unimaginable at the time - have become reality in our lifetime.
The people, who reasoned G_d away has made himself G_d.
   YeHoVáH, who is in heaven, scoffs and laughs. Psalm 2
He has the last word and only that will come to pass!


DR. STELLA EMMANUEL: "There is a medicine against CORONA." (Short video)

This video with medical professionals make clear: Breaking news: physicians, experts, medical professionals worldwide confirm LIES from governments and media re. Corona.

How nano-technology give you by vaccination the sign of the beast on your hand: From the Rooftop
Without this, you cannot buy or sell, travel etc. Total control - that's why it is already for many years on the agenda of WHO, UN and Europe.

C-virus was not really unknown! A German government document shows (p. 5 & 55), they were already dicussing this 'plandemic' in 2012

Willem Engel to the world - October 17, 2020     what can we do to get rid of the 'lockdowns' etc,

A very interesting documentary.We're Living in 12 Monkeys (Truthstream Media)  

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