Hebrew, the heavenly language.

In this time Elohim is restoring and bringing things back in good order.
This also applies to the language.
The Bible in the original language is much richer than can be displayed. in translations
"... Because then I will assign the peoples a pure language,
that they all will call upon the name of YHVH, to serve Him in unity. "(Zephaniah 3:9)

A beautiful song to learn the Hebrew letters in an easy way:
   Song to learn the Alef_Bait

Hidden treasures  

Beautiful video teaching about each separate Hebrew letter


Other very useful free programs to learn Hebrew:

   Video Lessons Hebrew Alphabet 

Video Teaching Biblical Hebrew with notes; you have to sign in (free)
to get these notes (on the page, click on tab [Info] to download)

 Hebrew 1 (start)   Hebrew 2 (intermediate)     Hebrew 3  (advanced)   Hebreeuws 4 (translation)

Notes from classes:


Beginning Hebrew: The letters and the vowels -- http://www.theregathering.com/page/pfthebrew1


Intermediate Hebrew: Parts of speech and grammar --


Advanced Hebrew: More grammar and introduction to verb conjugation --

Hebrew: Translation --

  Biblical Hebrew  & Modern Hebrew  
Hebrew words + audio

Hebrew Font        Study Bible "The Word"        Online Parallel Bible + spoken

On-line Complete Study-Bible with (Hebrew) audio - Hebrew, English, Russian & Arabic

Hidden treasures of our Hebrew roots

Fascinating video teaching about the spiritual meaning and background of the various Hebrew characters.
By clicking on a following character you see teaching about this specific one.

What is   the difference between the   "Scriptures"   and   the "Word   of God "?
The "Word of God"  is spiritual and lively.
You can take writings out of the hands  of a person, but you cannot    take the "Word"   out of their heart.
The Scriptures  are beautiful   stained glass windows and the Word is the radius of sunlight shining through the glass .

The Word   is a person
    "In the beginning was  the Word and  the Word was  with God and  the Word was  God. "(John 1:1)
"And the Word  became flesh and  dwelt among us .. "(John 1:14)

Video Lessons 

Hebrew Alphabet Part 1      Hebrew Alphabet Part 2      Hebrew Alphabet Part 3

Free online course "Biblical Hebrew" ,

See a nice program: English-Hebrew, which you can use online. There are 40 lessons, divided into very short videos with text, explanation and clear pronunciation. Highly recommended, as a homework aid for Hebrew. you will receive private lessons at home. https://dailydoseofhebrew.com/learn/

Longer videos of Biblical Hebrew are available
through this link for advanced learning.

Other free introduction course modern Hebrew with audio

Hebrew font download.

For typing Hebrew text on the computer you canuse the font Bwhebl
downloaded from the website   http://www.ffonts.net/Bwhebl. font.download.html

sh = shift; usually pressing the shift key
delivers a point
(Dagesh) in the character. You can also make  use the top-menu  'Insert',  'special symbols'.

Free "digital study Bible ': the Word:   http://theword.net

For Apple / Mac system: Click on this link and then click on that page the link  Download Mac installer of theWord
This appears to be an ideal tool for learning Hebrew.
You can  download Bible Versions (modules) in many languages.

The link will take you to the download page Bibles; here you see many free modules, by order:English, Greek, Hebrew, and then much further down the other languages ​​in alphabetical order.

There are tabs with other free integrated study material like charts, atlasses etc.
The bold green, are paid programs, but the majority is blue and so free.

Dictionaries By clicking this link, you can download lots of additional study.
Hebrew Interpolated Study Bible   (HiSB)

The HiSB is very complete, but limited to OT (Tanakh).  
There is another interesting Hebrew version, but with NT; this has the disadvantage that it has no vowel-signs and has modern Hebrew font. So you have been good to read Hebrew, here well enough to work to.

I've noticed that  the English KJV (King James) together with the HiSB is a good combination, which you can read in parallel (ie in 2 columns) side by side.
Some possibilities that I discovered from The Word: you can place several Bible versions next to each other in the Parallel view. The Hebrew interpolated Study Bible (HiSB) is enough and then the screen remains legible. If necessary in the HiSB you can also read the English KJV (King James Version) between the Hebrew text: pressing the
I key (see below) displays the KJV cut into pieces, next to the Hebrew words. So if you enable I within the HiSB you have 2 languages together (Hebrew and English) and next to it you can post other Bible versions as well, including the Geneva Bible (click link, to see why this Bible is so special), which you  can read parallel.

Via this site: http://www.albesh.net/ you can see more info (in English) with images about this special program.
Special features within the HiSB:
This module has several toggle keys besides theWord standard
  • S  (for Strong's numbers - Note that this module will work with the "Show no link, ..." option enabled in the Strong's configuration). The following list of key toggles also can be displayed by hovering the mouse pointer over the HiSB tab at the top of the Bible View window:
  • I      English Gloss
  • Z    Transliteration
  •    Directional Arrow for the texts
  • M    Morphology Divider for Hebrew pre- & suffixes
Remember, that in order for user highlighting to work properly, both the English Gloss and the Transliteration must be visible (toggle with I and Z), else the highlighting will be applied at incorrect offsets.

Via this site: http://www.albesh.net/ you can see more info (in English) with images about this special program.

Hebrew Tanakh / KJV + spoken
A Parallel Online Bible, which other languages ​​to select.

It is also available as MP3 file to download /  Click on link

G K Boersma - 26 augustus 2020