YHWH loves Israel

YHVH Elohim loves ISRAEL 

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Our Elohim and Creator of heaven and earth calls Himself 'I am', YHVH (Exodus 3:14)
Those who bless Israel are blessed themselves (Genesis 12: 3)
YeHoVaH is the
Elohim of Avraham, Yitschak and Jaàcov (Exodus 3: 6)

He gave Jaäcov the name Israel, after wrestling with him (Genesis 32:28 [NIV: 29])
Yeshua the Messiah, who bore the death penalty on the cross for my sins, is a Jew (Matthew 1: 1-16)
I (believer in Him) am a wild seed on Israel, grafted in the noble olive (Romans 11:17).

Yeshua is our Yeshua is
            our peace He has made the two into one (believers
from the Jews and Gentiles, one new man (Ephesians 2: 14-16)    

            leeft voor eeuwig - Jeruzalem onverdeeld

Israels legitimate territory

Israel has roots in its controlled territory for over 4,000 years! And as the only nation an area with established boundaries by JHVH Himself (much larger than it is now). Since 1948, there has been an independent state of Israel again, having begun to be fulfilled according to Biblical promises centuries earlier.

Today's disputed territories Samaria & Judea ("west bank" is the name occupier Jordan gave to it) are the Biblical heart of Israel, 
connecting the roots of this people  with Jerusalem, Israel's capital for more than 3,000 years. In November 1947, a partition plan was drawn up by the UN, with impossible boundaries, after several changes to the detriment of the Jews, due to Arab protests. In 1920, the entire area under British rule, would count as a Jewish homeland. Under pressure from the Arab peoples, 77% were taken off, which would later become Jordan.
Het 1ste verdeelplan...
The Jordan now became the border and only 23% remained for the Jews, so including the so-called 'west bank'. This plan was unanimously accepted by the League of Nations (predecessor of the UN) as a Jewish homeland; when the League of Nations transitioned to the UN in 1946, this decision was reaffirmed as a “sacred trust”; see Mandate for Palestine

The Truth about Palestine - השייח עבדול האדי פלאצי: האמת על פלשתין
A muslim professor is explaining the nonsense and facts re. the claims of 'Palestinians' on Israeli territory.

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I have been several times in Israel and often had the opportunity to celebrate here the Feast Tabernacles (Sukkot). It is a great blessing to be able to experience a “pre-fulfillment” of a prophecy (Zechariah 14:16) now already together with thousands of believers from many peoples from all over the world in Jerusalem.

  • PRAYER is the best thing you can do to bless Israel;
Intercessors for Israel has up-to-date prayer info on her site every week - report of her prayer time on Friday morning in the Klal building.
She also organizes the annual prayer conference in Jerusalem (January)

  • Israel needs our active support more than ever. Ultimately, only Christians will remain as a reliable ally. Jan Willem van der Hoeven the founder of the International Christian Zionist Center is currently actively informing and mobilizing Christians. He has a beautiful (English) website with lots of info, photos and video: Israel, my beloved

Israelplatform.nl is een initiatief van een
                    aantal christelijke en messiaans-joodse

Israelplatform.nl  christian and messianic jewish organizations,
who are somehow involved with the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

Pillar of Fire has the vision: to support Israel in word and deed.
She does this through information and education during the Israel evenings and with the help of Multimedia

An overview of current activities can be found by clicking on Agenda
Pillar of Fire also provides relief work and provides information about the Messianic movement in Israel.

Messiaanse gemeentes  a  site with a lot of information re Messianic congregations, articles, etc

Free monthly newspaper 'Israel Actueel',
publisher of books and study material
activities / events
Israel products online shop (IPC),
 Israël tours information .

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