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There is only one Almighty and Eternal G_d (Elohim), who reveals himself in the Bible, called YHVH (Exodus 3:15, Isaiah 42: 8), I am who I am. He is the Creator of heavens and earth and everything that lives. Man is the crown of creation, created in His image. Although the sin of the first humans severed our relationship with our Creator, He showed His great love to all of us, personally taking the death penalty and curse that was due to us. And so He has given us the opportunity to become His child. Yeshua, the Word made flesh made  known to
us the Father and became the Way, the Truth and the Life, without Whom no one can come to the Father. John 14: 6

Unfortunately, many of us today have lost sight and are involved in all kinds of idolatry. The many natural disasters, wars and rumors of wars, epidemic diseases show that the last Biblical prophecies are now being fulfilled.

The name of our Creator: YeHoVaH
For all who will call on  the Name of Yehováh shall be redeemed!
Joel 2:32;  Romans 10:15
There has been no normal news since March 2020; everything is controlled by the C-virus. Fortunately, news will be available, which will arrive in other ways and confirm that this is not a 'normal' flu virus.
A very interesting interview with
Dr. Zach Bush + Del Bigtree (Highwire) gives a lot of insight and clear information about viruses. It shows: viruses cannot be eridicated and are part of life. When you have a healthy lifestyle
and a good condition, you are not effected easily. And besides that, there is effective medication to get rid of this virus infection in an early stage.
The draconian measures that have been taken give food for thought. Compared to the effects of influenza in previous years, there are no more deaths now.
However, every death is now linked to the C-virus. Everyday fear is sparked and people are called to isolate themselves.
There seems to be little logic behind it and it seems obvious that now years of prepared plans can and will be realized, including abolishing cash money, vaccinating the world population and thus providing 'the sign' without which no one can buy or sell. (Revelation 13:16,17)

By the way, there is a perfect remedy against this and other viruses:
  Psalm 91; 
a beautiful version, sung by Esther Mui

Furthermore, what has been planned years ago is now becoming public: a drastic reduction in the world's population.
Due to all kinds of chemicals, such as aluminum, that the 'vaccines' contain, these damage the health of baby vaccinations. Also, these contain substances with E numbers.

Project 'fear' has been successful. The plan is to vaccinate the population worldwide with vaccines.
This was planned years ago: see Europe's 2021 Agenda & UN 2030 Agenda, part of it is seeking a strategy to take away the human hesitation for vaccination.
See also
The annual flu shot also proved to be counterproductive. Humans became ill, perhaps due to a mutation of the flu virus, which is injected to breed immune substances, the effect of which is very unreliable.
Due to all kinds of chemicals, such as aluminum, that the 'vaccines' contain, these damage the health of baby vaccinations. They also contain substances with E numbers.

Stephan Oelrich at the World Health  summit 24 oktober 2021:
'Ultimately the mRNA vaccines are an example for that cellar gene therapy. I always like to say, if we had surveyed two years ago in the public ‘Would you be willing to take gene or cell therapy injected into your body’, we probably had a 95% refusal rate. I think this pandemic has opened many peoples eyes to innovations in a way that maybe was not possible before.'

Sadly governments have now mandated a QR-code to take part in all kind of activities, which do not have a positive effect om health but cause more damage to our society, social and economical environment

Now is the time to prepare and leave 'Babylon'!

It is time to get your Bible out of the dust and start reading it. More topical than ever.
Whoever trusts in Him will never be ashamed; He provides and provides everything that is needed.

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